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Frequently asked questions

1 What criteria do I have to fulfil in order to apply for the scholarships?

Students who are Indian nationals can apply for the scholarships The eligibility criteria for the scholarships are given at the application page.

2 Can I apply for the scholarships if I am already studying in Singapore schools?

No. Students studying in Singapore schools are not eligible to apply for the scholarships.

3 When are applications open for the scholarships?

The application period for the scholarships is usually from early June to mid July.

4 How do I apply?

You can obtain the application form by downloading it from the application page during the application period.

To be considered for the selection test and interview, please submit the completed application form along with photocopies of supporting documents (indicating SIA YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP on the top right hand corner of the envelope) before the application closing date to:

School Placement & Scholarships Branch
1 North Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138675

5 What is the application process like?

Short-listed applicants have to go through a selection test. Candidates who perform well in the selection test will be invited to undergo a selection interview. Students who have done well in the selection interview will then be awarded the scholarship.

6 How will I know if I have been short-listed for the selection test and/or interview?

You will be notified by post a week before the selection test and interview dates whether you have been short-listed for the selection test or interview. If you have not been short-listed for the selection test or interview, you will also be notified by mail.

7 How many scholarships are given out every year?

The number of scholarships given varies from less than 25 to around 50 every year. Scholarships will be offered to all students who achieved outstanding performances in the selection test and interview.

8 How will I know if I have been awarded the scholarship and how much time do I have to decide whether to accept it?

You will be notified by post whether you have been awarded the scholarship. You will be given approximately 1 week to decide whether you would like to accept the scholarship.

9 Can I choose the junior college and hostel I am posted to?

The choice of the junior college and hostel scholars are posted to will be decided by the Ministry of Education. Scholars will be posted to the selected junior colleges. The Ministry will try as far as possible to post scholars to hostels close to their junior college.

10 What is the medium of instruction in Singapore schools?

All subjects (except Mother Tongue eg. Chinese, Malay and Tamil) are taught in English.

11 If I have studied another language in my home country and it is not offered in Singapore, do I still have to take up a Mother Tongue language?

You might not have to offer a Mother Tongue language in this case. However, it is subject to approval based on the circumstances.

12 Where can I get more information about junior college education and the syllabuses in Singapore?

Click on the following links for more information

Pre-university (junior college) education
Subject syllabuses

13 Will the scholarship allowance be sufficient for all my expenses in Singapore?

Please refer to the page on the Cost of Living to find out more. You should also note that scholars are required to pay any miscellaneous fees that the school may charge.

14 Will the hostels provide meals for the scholars? Will special food requirements such as halal/Indian/vegetarian food be available at the hostels?

Generally, the hostels provide breakfast and dinner for the scholars. Meal provisions are available for Indian vegetarians and Muslims.

15 How often can I visit my home country while holding the scholarship?

As often as you like at your own cost during the school vacations, if you do not have any school activities. During the school term, you will need the prior approval of the principal of the secondary school/junior college that you are in before returning to your home country.

16 Do you offer scholarships for university studies for SIA Youth Scholars?

For information on undergraduate scholarships for studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS) or Nanyang Technological University (NTU), visit the following websites:

* Scholarships for international students at NUS
* Scholarships for international students at NTU

About Singapore

Singapore has one of the most advanced and recognised education systems in the world, with excellent infrastructure and human resource support. Singapore has invested heavily in teacher training, curriculum development and information technology to prepare its students to face the challenges of competing in a knowledge-based economy.

Singapore is one of the premier education hubs in Asia. It offers a diverse and distinctive mix of educational opportunities in a safe, cosmopolitan, comfortable and competitive environment. The educational system in Singapore covers a broad-based curriculum and includes a global perspective to equip students for the challenges ahead. Our educational institutions are also equiped with the most advanced educational tools and facilities to aid them in their mission.

In Singapore, we value education as the most important means of helping our young to realize their potential. Students will acquire the relevant skills and abilities to survive in competitive environments and be equiped for a brighter future.

Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious society. Here you will find a wide spectrum of religions, cultures and languages co-existing harmoniously.

This vibrant mix of ethnic and religious groups offers international students a wide spectrum of choices for living and playing in Singapore.

Singapore has a warm and humid climate all year-round, with temperatures ranging from 23 to 33 degrees centigrade, with occasional rain especially at the end of the year. Light and summer clothing is the preferred dress code. Students in primary and secondary schools as well as junior colleges wear school uniforms prescribed by the schools.

Singapore's low crime rates and high standards of living are world-renowned and offers scholars a most conducive environment for study. A myriad of sports, entertainment and attractions are available for all students to pursue in their leisure time.

* Map of Singapore
* Useful read

Terms and conditions of the scholarship

1 Allowance of S$2,400 per annum with hostel accommodation
2 S$200 settling-in allowance (once only)
3 Economy class air passage to Singapore and back to home country upon completion of course
4 Waiver of school fees and donation to the Education Fund
5 Waiver of GCE 'A' Level examination fees (once only)
6 Subsidised medical benefits and accident insurance cover

Test and interview centres

1 Bangalore
2 Chennai
3 New Delhi
4 Mumbai


Students who meet the following criteria are invited to apply for the scholarship.
* Nationals of India
* Between 16+ to 18+ years old
* At least an average of 85% with English as first language in the Standard 10 State/National examinations

Details of the scholarship

The SIA Youth Scholarship is tenable for 2 years leading to the award of the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education 'Advanced' (GCE 'A') Level (or equivalent) certificate. Students who perform well in the GCE 'A' Level (or equivalent) Examination may apply for the undergraduate scholarships offered by the National University of Singapore or the Nanyang Technological University. The Scholarship is for 2 years of Pre-University studies in selected Singapore Junior Colleges and is renewed annually, subject to the satisfactory performance of the scholar.

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Singapore Airlines offers scholarships for a 2 year pre-university course in top junior colleges in Singapore. Studies lead to the Singapore - Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level), which is an international qualification widely recognised by many countries.

As described by a leading Indian scholarship website:
Strategically located in Southeast Asia, Singapore provides a friendly and safe environment for education and learning within the comfort and convenience of a modern city-state. With high education standards, strong research and collaborative programmes with the world's best universities, Singapore offers rich opportunities for study and higher learning. Our schools provide an exciting cultural and intellectual meeting place for international students; underlining Singapore's growing profile as a regional education hub. The cosmopolitan lifestyle in Singapore will enhance your learning experience by giving you invaluable exposure and insight to diverse cultures and people.

Terms of award
The scholarships will provide a maintenance allowance of S$2400 per annum (subject to change) with hostel accommodation, setting-in allowance, subsidised medical benefits, school and examination fees, return air economy air passage at the beginning and end of the scholarship term.

There is no bond attached to the scholarship. Scholars who have done well can apply for further scholarships to pursue university studies in Singapore or overseas.

Who can apply
Students who are Indian nationals, completing Standards 10 in the Year 2005, are eligible to apply. Applicants should possess an outstanding academic track record ( at least an average of 85 %) with English as first language in the Standard 10 State / National examninations.

How to apply
Detach and fill in the form below. Place it above certified true copies of the following documents in the order indicated below.

1. Certified copy of Standard 10 National/State examination result slip.

2. A curriculam vitae (not exceeding one page ) with your full name, mailing address and a summary of major achievements (Please indicate if you have been shortlisted for the NTS interviews.)

3. Certified copy of school examination results of Class 8,9 and 10

4. Achievements/awards won and participation in extra-curicular activities in Class 8,9 and 10

More information on the scholarship can be obtained here.

Selection tests and interviews
Shortlisted candidates will be invited to sit for selection tests in India in September 2005. Candidates will then be further shortlisted for an interview in India in November 2005.

Please send your application to:
SIA Youth Scholarships
c/o Robinson Road P.O. Box 746
Singapore 901446
Republic of Singapore


(for applications by courier service only)
SIA Youth Scholarships
c/o Ministry of Education
School Placement & Scholarships Branch
3rd Floor Podium Block
Ministry of Education
1 North Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138675
Republic Of Singapore